Our first project at Ironhack Madrid was a redesign of a website.
I took the website of the Born Free USA, a wildlife conservation charity as my challenge. At the time of the project the website looked as on the video below:
I started the project off with User Research. I conducted a survey which I distributed on animal-focused Fb groups and shared with my friends.
I also did interviews, which consisted of two parts:
1. Their general opinion about charities and what their websites should contain, which provided me insights on the possible design solutions.
2. A test of the current website, which confirmed some of my biggest fears - that the user will leave the website before even clicking on the 'Donate' button.
One of the insights has really defined the 'mission' of the redesign:
Following the research, I developed 3 User Personas, in order to further empathise with users needs and pain points.
These are some of the User-Centred Design Tools that I used in order to really put myself in the user's shoes.
I decided to focus on creating the mobile version first. I did hand sketches which were turned into prototypes, tested on the users. 
Those hand sketches were later turned into digital wireframes in Sketch.
I created moodboards from the references I gathered in order to define the visual part of the project and really convey the charity's message.
Through experiments I have decided on the typography:
Web Home Prototype
Mobile Home Prototype
Mobile Donation Process Prototype
Thank You for reading!
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