As an illustrator telling people what my profession is I usually get reactions like: Oh wow, so cool, I wish I could draw but... I'm so bad at it! 
To that I usually respond: It's just like running, you train and you get good at it! 
That 99% of the times gets me a reaction of disbelief and people saying something about the good ole' talent.

I wanted to do a project proving people that drawing is both learnable and beneficial for a very long time. When the final two-week project at Ironhack came about it seemed like a perfect opportunity for it. I began by listing my hypothesis, and defining the problem.
I knew I needed academic drawing tools and fantastic content if I want to achieve my goal and solve the problems. But I was confused about the latter.

 How do I come up with great, legit content in only two weeks? In my reading research I stumbled upon a perfect solution - a renowned book about drawing for non-drawers - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain written by Betty Edwards in the 70's.

I struck gold! I knew it: I was going to turn the book into an app!
The research was turned into user personas in order to further empathise with the users and determine their needs, motivations & behaviours.
Converting the excerpts of the book into functionalities and using tools like Lean UX Canvas and Crazy 8's I came up with a hand sketched flow of the app.
The hand-sketched ideas were turned into digital wireframes.
I collected references and collated them into moodboards, each about a different aspect of the visual language. 
The colour moodboard was a tool that helped me decide on the colour palette show below.
Next, I have experimented with different typography options on 2 hi-fi wireframe screens. I concluded on using the simplest solution - HK Grotesk in different typographic weights throughout the app.
Process 1: First-time User's 1st Class
Journey, Materials check, Class intro, Class
Timer, Success page, Login, Camera access 
Camera, Simple photo editor, Saving the drawing
Process 2: Mark&Comment function
Gallery, Photo view, Function info+Marking, Typing comment
Marking 2nd section, Typing comment, Comment final view, Other user's profile view
Thank You for reading!
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